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Services tailored to your needs

Leadership training 
Develop high quality and personalized training programs addressing your needs (in English, French, or Japanese)

A company specific program to increase management efficiency, synergies and performance in French-Japanese / international teams :

  • Cross-cultural management (French-Japanese / multicultural)

  • Cocreate and align Missions, Vision & Values 

  • Enhancing intercultural collaboration and synergies

  • Leading engagement and performance in multicultural teams

  • Leading changes across cultures

  • Expatriate training (for Japanese and French/Non-Japanese), etc.

Consulting project 
Transform your business and organization
Mid to long term project to optimize the performance of your organization:  
  • Improve efficiency of collaboration and team performance

  • Co-develop corporate / team culture 

  • Enhance employee engagement (employee survey, identification of opportunities for improvement and actions)

  • Change management (e.g. codeveloping new solutions and mind-set)

  • Business plan & strategy, etc.

Create sustainable synergies and employees engagement

Individual and group coaching  to :  

  • Increase intercultural awareness & trust building

  • Increase management efficiency

  • Adapt leadership styles to local teams

  • Increase employee engagement and motivation

  • Create feedback-rich culture in a global team, etc. 

Other services

Increase business efficiency, problem solving and solution building

  • Translation-interpretation-mediation (business meeting, negotiation, problem solving, etc.) (Japanese, French, or English)

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